10.14.05 :: 9:30 am

What with the world being as small as it is, thus making Manhattan microscopic by comparison, it is a constant source of amazement to me that I have yet to run into any of my ridiculous ex-boyfriends.
It’s unbelievable, and a stroke of a great luck really.

I enjoy their seeming disappearance from the face of the earth after we have broken up. There has been no sign that puzzleboy lives save for the stupid mass email I still receive from his online gaming company. Foreign Guy might as well have been deported, for all I know. Tallboy? Vanished.

And as far as my most recent disaster, the ex-fiance may as well have never existed. This could be, however, due to the fact that he has probably been informed of what I know with regards to his whoreishness and I wouldn’t be surprised if he never surfaces again. Which is all pretty damned fine with me.

I’m just perplexed – and somewhat relieved – that I have somehow avoided awkward run-ins with all those douchelords.

Everyone you see on the street is someone’s ex. Except for mine. They’ve all been relocated to the corner of the universe reserved for mismatched socks, lost keys, and ancient receipts.

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