09.26.05 :: 10:23 am

Well, it certainly took long enough for one of the two to 'fess up and come clean and attempt an apology.

Too bad it's too little too late. And that the level of awfulness I endured warrants much more than an email, but I don't care about it enough to pursue.

Like the wise Ruby said, "You went out of your way to be nice to her while you and Adam were together, and not only was she a tramp of the first order but she had the gall to be mean to you on top of it! Screw her, forever and ever."

Again, words don't exist to describe how fortunate I am not to be stuck with those gross, miserable people anymore.

Anyway. Onto the weekend recap.
I completely tied one on Saturday night with Ruby and Doc and Lea, and it was probably the tequila that had me vomiting all morning Sunday, but it was worth it.
I mean, granted, the types of places we used to love going to only serve to remind us that we've probably gotten too old for such antics, but it was a good time nonetheless.

Nothing like getting dressed up and going out with your peeps.

Of course, Ryan also paid for my drunkenness on Sunday. He is truly a saint. He supplied me with ginger ale and saltines and rubbed my back while i was headfirst in the toilet, suppressing his own nausea.

When it was all over and I was feeling better around 4:30 pm, with the sweat drying on my face and my hair all matted, I said to him, "Now you have seen me at my absolute worst."

And he shrugged and said, "Your butt's still cute."

And now, me and some P. Diddy bottles are gonna get cozy.

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