2001-04-07 :: 3:28 p.m.

I let Tallboy draw on me while drunk. Not a good idea. Red ink.

We went to an exhibit his friend was doing at some gallery last night. it was pretty cool, but it's that whole "modern art" deal that I just don't get because it doesn't really seem like art to me. This guy, what he did, was find millions of those little itty bitty plastic drug baggies and sew them into a quilt. Yeah. Thati's it. I mean, I could've done that, had I that much time on my hands. Apparently, one of these quilts sold last night for $20,000.

One of Foreign Guy's best friends was there, too. Talk about idiotic coincidence, timing, small world, etc. Also talk about uncomfortable.

Later we went to another installation opening in Brooklyn, DUMBO, to be specific. It was Way cooler than the first art exhibit. The installation involved lots of wooden planks suspended over water, Indiana Jones style. And a weird entrance way that looked like the Temple of Doom. Floor covered in Sand, weird archways and yellow dusty lighting. Neat-o.

Then Tallboy and I went to a bar and there I saw Emily's ex-boyfriend. Thank God Emily wasn't with us.

The concensus on Tallboy is that he's beautiful. And a good maker-outer. Yeah, so what? Guilty as charged. I'm not giving up the boys until Drummer Boy makes some sort of firm commitment. He won't call me his girlfriend, so technically I'm not. And I like Tallboy. He's weird and spastic and has a great ass. And a sweet apartment.

So it's Saturday night and Friday I didn't go to work due to a heinous hang over coupled with a migraine and speeyacking at three hour intervals. One long headache interrupted by naps. That was my Friday.

I think I'm seeing Drummer Boy tonight. But I'm also seeing my girls.

Apartment: clean
Laundry: done
Bills: not paid.

It feels like Sunday. But it's not! Yes! This is definitely the life.

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