10.16.05 :: 1:09 pm

proof positive that wedding planning turns you into a ridiculous, unrecognizable creature:

i forgot my mother's birthday.

who am i???

so i scrambled to her favorite flower shop and tried to right the wrong.


In good news, Ruby came over last night and we fixed her ipod and got her some new music and then went drinking like the respectable, ladylike drunks that we are.

i didn't think i was drunk when i went home, but ryan was still up when i stumbled through the door nd he got a good laugh at the sight of me.
apparently, i bought a bag of Soy Crisps at a deli and ate them while walking home, crumbs on my face as i entered the door.

i'm so super.

off to vegetate and ruminate on just how bad of a daughter i am.

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