07.11.05 :: 9:51 am

the wedding was gorgeous.
how they managed to personalize a 300-person affair is beyond me, but it was warm and heartfelt and stunning.
Under the Manhattan bridge at sunset, in the abandoned tobacco factory - 25,000 square feet of open space, decorated in huge paper lanterns, striped runners and greens.
And the band was the French group, Les Sans Culottes.
And the DJ was a "vintage" DJ who played old pop and soul from the 60's.
And the drinks flowed all night, until 1:00 am, even after Ryan and I decided we couldn't handle it anymore and needed to crash.

Good times.

Pictures coming soon. I did take some. Even though I didn't know anyone. I think those circumstances make the pictures feel, I dunno, kinda documentary-style.


Monday. Ass-dragging, hungover Monday.

And a meeting with the Abusive Puffy One at noon today. This should prove interesting.

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