07.08.05 :: 9:58 am

sweet! my dress arrived today, just in time.
man, that was close.

i don't think i'm going to bring my camera to the wedding on sunday. i feel kind of weird taking photos of people i'm not friends with on their personal, special day.

am i being retarded?

maybe i will anyway and just take very few photos.

i'm over-thinking this.

today is a relatively quiet, calmer day.
but that's always the case before something annoying/scary/unbelievably terrible happens.

I can't wait to leave this place today and go play with my Sims.

Last night, while watching an episode of "Blow Out," a commercial came on for that Billy Joel/Twyla Tharpe monstrosity of a musical and when I voiced my disgust, Ryan chimed in with perfect comedic timing:

"Oh, you better hope this isn't still playing when your birthday rolls around."


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