02.18.05 :: 10:40 am

I fucking love my fucking retarded job.

I mean that. In all sincerity.
I just had an hour long conversation with my boss about Puffy, the breakup of Dolce & Gabbana ("Hopefully this will decrease the amount of animal print out there), boob jobs, and Howard Stern.

I've had coffee, read over the list of final names for Puffy's fragrance, approved three of them, and now it's smooooooooth fucking sailing until the end of the day.

And then...THREE! DAY! WEEKEND! Sing hallelujah, bitches!

I don't even care that I'm way below what I should be in my checking account this month.

I am boozing it up with the Ruby Red Delicious on Saturday, and catching a matinee of "Sideways" with Ryan on Sunday...
Man. I've got so much sunshine crammed up my ass, I'm gonna be shitting rainbows.

It MUST be the multivitamins.


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