12.04.06 :: 9:42 am

After the gym yesterday, I ran into the Professor on my way to buying dog food.

Actually, ďran intoĒ is not the right phrase because he was talking on the phone and we only acknowledged each other with a smile and a ďhi!Ē and I didnít stop to talk to him and he didnít hang up to talk to me.

Still, he looked pretty good, I must say. Not nearly as cracked out as last time.
But he was outside of a bar, so he was probably of course drunk and it was 3:30 in the afternoon. Bullet: dodged.

Iím just glad I donít have to give a shit about how ratty and sweaty I looked.

Last night, Ryan made tagliatelle and a fresh tuna ragu from scratch.
I cried, it was so good.

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