02.25.05 :: 2:34 pm

drinks with the Professor went very well. He's looking little thin, but I guess that's what a liquid diet does to you.
His personal life is, as per usual, a total shambles. But he's doing great professionally, so there's that.

Anyway, today I've come down with a horrible sore throat/cough/chills combo so I took the day off and I'm in my jammies and just watching a shitload of MST3K.

Later, Ryan will bring me magazines and soup because he's wonderful.
I told the Professor all about him last night and he was like "You've officially scored the most amazing guy on the planet. Let me guess, he's got a sister who's totally cool and an awesome record collection?"

Yes and yes. Check and check.

And it only took me several massive heartaches/breakdowns until I found him.

All good things to those who wait, as my mama would say.

God, my sinuses are pounding. Back to the bed with me.

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