12.01.06 :: 3:30 pm

Coworker A and I just got back from sneaking out to get mani/pedis.
That is how we roll.

On Fridays.

It's so dead here.
Except for the minor bitchfest that occurred approximately at 12:30.
And that was...

OK well here's the backstory.

We were out of the black toner cartridge and subsequently were not able to print anything until the order for the new one arrived.

So we kindly asked the finance group if we could take their unopened, new cartridge and they said yes, of course, just replace it when you can.

Done and done. Order for new one placed.

Well, today some twatwaffle marches over to me, asks me if I'm with the Sean John (Diddy) group, and I sayd yes. So she proceeds to yank the toner out of our printer saying, "You borrowed this from us and we need it back. My group needs to print."
Except BITCHIER. If you can imagine.

Explaining to her that we were offering to print FOR the finance group until their new cartridge arrived was an EXERCISE IN FUTILITY.
Explaining further that it was HER GROUP that allowed us to take their cartridge in the first place was also falling on deaf (and dumb) ears.

I have never been so livid with anyone in my whole life.

She'd better not wander over here accidentally. I've got a few open-handed slaps on the mouth ready for her.
NO JOKE. Does she know who I work for? I keep my pimp hand strong, motherfucker.

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