01.11.08 :: 10:51 am

"pregnancy brain" at full throttle.

managed to burn an entire pizza in the oven in 9 minutes flat. this also made me cry.

other things making me cry: the logistics of planning the move back to new york. it's all overwhelming and stressful.

i will probably apply for disability leave so i can at least have some money coming in.

oh, yesterday? another brilliant mind from the brain trust that is Bigwig's tried to EMAIL a 43.3 MB file and subsequently crashed the server.
Now we can't receive or send mail. They've been trying to fix it for around 24 hours now.

The genius responsible apologized publicly at the Friday meeting.

I'm thinking "How stupid can you be? Just put the fucking document on the public drive, and send an email telling everyone where it's located."


Honestly, how these people manage to hold down jobs is amazing what with the rampant, unrestrained retardery.
Oh but yeah don't you worry you pointy little head about shit like that.
you just keep wearing Uggs and miniskirts and fedoras.

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