01.09.08 :: 4:58 pm

It really bugs me when women say refer to themselves or other knocked up women as "preggo"... what, like, Prego?
What a horrid word. I'M PREGGO. Enjoy me slathered all over your pasta! I'm preggo, please enjoy me with some garlic bread and red wine.

Also, I'm quite saddened to report that while doing a Google Image Search for "Prego" I got this terrifying response:

Also try:prego sauce / pregnant


And now I'm going to Bloodbath & Beyond to get a full body pillow because I am now the size of a woolly mammoth and cannot sleep on my side without wholly crushing myself and everything in my vicinity.

Apropos of everything: i really hope the writers get back to work soon because television has been positively abysmal lately.
I'm finding myself really, really into Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Especially now that the Jem'Hadar are running out of Ketracel White and the Cardassians have captured the station.

Kill me now.

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