01.12.08 :: 8:41 am

i'm way less stressed today about the impending move back to new york than i was yesterday because we laid out a ver workable plan and i like it a lot and think it's going to be a whole lot easer on us financially and emotionally.

that is the most grownup sentence i've ever written. hello.

anyways, the plan includes ry getting a job here (because in his line of work, he can get an obscene paycheck) and extending our lease for another year but only sticking around for 6 months.

i'll go on disability for a few months while on maternity leave but then i just won't return to work.

then i'll be a stay-at-home mom for 3 months and then we pack our shit and say goodbye to LA, 6 month old in tow.

We'll be back in the comforts of Brooklyn by January '09, realistically.

Go Team!

Today, the Team is going to see Juno at a fancy theater with assigned seating and then going out to lunch.
I'm really excited to be getting out of the house.
We're not allowed to spend any money frivolously now, so this is kind of our last hurrah.


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