09.25.06 :: 9:57 am

it was a really splendid birthday this year.

i got a pair of shoes, a dress, a CD, a lovely blank journal, a bottle of wine, a $250 Bloomingdales gift card, money from the in-laws, money from my mom, flowers, and a gorgeous set of vases.

So lovely. So unecessarily generous.

The final meeting with our caterer/reception site happened on my birthday, too. And it went so well, that I was sure someone was, once again, looking out for my ungrateful ass.

In "what else is new" news, I miss Ruby.
My birthday celebration was fun, but lacking that one important element.

It was like a margarita without a salt rim.
A Bloody Mary without pepper.

I am saying.

This week is going to be straight outta heaven, with both bosses away in Brussels and me chillin' at the the mansion, as it were.

I'm going shopping at lunch.

And speaking of shopping, Ryan and I SPLURGED on a gift for my mother to thank her for the BAJILLION PLUS dollars she's spending on getting my stupid ass married.
We splurged on a limited edition print of the Rat Pack standing on stage. The photo is taken from behind, and Frank Sinatra is totally goosing Dean Martin in the ass.

It's FANTASTIC. It's costing us a small fortune to have it framed professionally, too, but come on. Totally worth it.

And that is all the news there is to report.

Until tomorrow.

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