09.22.06 :: 1:16 pm

today is my birthday and I am thirty-onederful.

my bosses and coworkers gave me a surprise lunch/bridal shower complete with flowers, and a $250 gift certificate to Bloomingdales. Score!

Last night, Ry and I tied one on with his former corworker buddy and his wife. And we discussed everything from politics to marriage to babies to Cyndi Lauper.
It was a great time.

Their new baby, a 9 month old girl, got my ovaries twitching like you wouldn't believe.
And when I picked her up and snuggled her and she smiled, I totally got it.
For a second, I totally totally got it.

At midnight, I opened my present from Ryan: the anthropologie dress I'd been coveting for months.

And we practiced our first dance song, drunk and weepy. Which was probably a close approximation to the real thing.

Next Sunday. Imagine that.

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