09.27.06 :: 11:27 am

it just wouldn't be a wedding without the related stress and i just had a panic attack over GUESTBOOKS for the love of jesus so before I become the girl I loathe and hate, I have averted the all-out crisis and just did the BEST THAT I CAN DO GIVEN THE CIRCUMSTANCES, ok?

Anyway. Typewriter: broken. No vintage, kitschy conversation piece for the guests.

Y'all are gonna have to make do with a regular old book and pen, my loves 'cause I can't waste one more brain cell on this matter.

Why am I panicking? I feel an entire enclave of butterflies swarming at all times in my belly.
It's too early for Ativan! I've got four more days!


I can't believe I'm going through this week without a drink.
I must be insane.

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