03.06.06 :: 1:39 pm

so ruby and i decided to venture into the city on saturday night after stoosh's birthday party and it was a sign the night may have been doomed when we boarded the train only to discover it reeked of urine.

not only did it reek of urine, but the source of the urine was passed out at one end of the car.

so we move to the other end where the air was less foul.

only to discover that the only working door was the one located in Urine-Area, right next to Urine-Person.

We stared at each other in disbelief. What Gods of Transportation had we angered to deserve such unmitigated wrath?

But we did stand next to a full-on pimp, who was sporting a mint-green crocodile jacket and matching mint-green crocodile shoes and blinged out sunglasses.

So the evening wasn't a total wash.

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