03.04.06 :: 3:05 pm

had it out with my boss yesterday.
it was semi tragic, truth be told, because she's such a revolting excuse for a human being.
i actually laughed when she said "I don't think you do your job."

I laughed and I said "Well, you're entitled to your opinion," and walked out. You know, to DO WORK.

Later that evening I found myself dragging a 125 pound box of Father's Day Sets (that I had to assemble myself, natch) to the Gm building at 7:00 at night. On a Friday.

So yeah, me? I hardly work.

Anyway, I started applying to other places. One looks promising but I'm not gonna jinx it by saying anything more.

I try to remember that everyone on earth is a person with feelings who has loved and lost and all that. But I can't do that with my boss.

I find myself hoping she either gets maimed, or sustains third degree burns all over her body... and doesn't die.
I wish bad things upon her because she's a bad person deserving of every tragedy and pain known to mankind.

If this is wrong, so be it. My table in Hell's been reserved since about 1996 anyway.

And in happier news, today is Stoosh-dog's birthday! My little mamacita is ten years old and we're throwing her a mini fiesta with gourmet doggy treats.

I bought her a new collar. She looks ravishing.

I cannot wait to see my friends.


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