03.13.08 :: 11:19 am

one of the lights above my desk is out.
and it's interesting how this makes the entire space look completely different.
it's like looking at a new room.

i like it. it's not quite dark, but there's definitely mood lighting happening in here.
i hope they never come to fix it.

just finished a dr. pepper in the hopes that the caffeine will jolt Oliver into acrobatics, but nada. The kid remains unfazed.

T-minus 6 days until London hijinks with Ruby. When I booked this trip, I was about 2 weeks away from egg fertilization. And now he has long legs and distinguishable facial features and he squints and pouts and stretches.
Imagine that.
Imagine that.

It's a good life.

In less than a year, we'll be back in Brooklyn, back with our nearests and dearests. It's good to always have something this bright to look forward to.

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