03.11.08 :: 11:06 am

everyone comes crawling out of the woodwork at once, it seems.

exes, ex pseudofriends, fathers.

my dad called me yesterday. it's amazing how trapped in 1987 he and my mother are when it comes to each other.
all they can do is rehash the same old shit that sent them straight for divorce. the same old shittalking and using me as the carrier pigeon.

i'm still fielding questions like "What did your father want this time?" or "Is your mother aware that she's no saint either?"

What was supposed to be a congratulatory phone call turns into a plea to come see him so he can set the record straight.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm totally clear on the facts. I know exactly what happened and who did what to whom and I'm 32 years old and I'm so so so done with dealing with the past.
I closed the fucking book on that story ages ago and I wish the two of them would too.

They bring out the worst in each other; my mother can't stand even the thought of possibly running into him, it sends her into apoplexy even though she lives FOUR THOUSAND MILES AWAY.

The both of them could use some Valium and Ouzo.

So could I, frankly.

Which leads me into the best segue:
last night the light of my life tells me: "You know, when this pregnancy is over, you totally deserve to go on a 3 day booze binge."

Don't I know it!

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