03.14.08 :: 10:47 am

Oliver is looking terrific: round belly, mellow and well hung. I hope he grows into that thing, by the way.

And I'm clear to fly. Blood pressure, strangely enough, remains 110/70. Which is a miracle considering how often I get heated and riled at work.

Speaking of, I have to sit with the ADHD-riddled CEO and go through the 550 potential shade names we've come up with and agreed upon and have him approve/reject. He'll probably start squirming around the 15th word, and he'll be totally beside himself with spasticness by the 20th.
It should be great, hilarious fun.
Yeah, no.

We have a big day tomorrow. Loads of errands and shopping to do, one of them being my long overdue haircut.

I slept in a ponytail holder last night and this morning it was all gnarled and twisted around an inch or so of hair.
So I did what any other woman who's about to get a dramatically shorter haircut do: I cut that fucker out.

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