01.22.08 :: 10:14 am

Stash is dancing on my last nerve today, and I'm not entirely sure it's completely unbeknownst to her.

Ro asked me to help her with something and as I begin explaining it to her, Stash butts in from across the room "Can you just please walk her through it? Like step by step?" In that stupid little fakey California "pretending to be nice" tone.

as if I wasn't already helping Ro??!

what her goddamned problem is, I have no idea.

But Ry said something interesting last night. What if they're trying to get me to quit?
because they know I'm pregnant and I'll be gone for three months... what if Stash is just trying to speed the process up of me leaving so she can get someone else as quickly as possible?

At the end of the day, I don't even fucking care.
I don't really like it here anyway.
I know they can't fire me for being pregnant, so I'm either going to ride it out as long as I possibly can without my bitchslap hand getting antsy and then I'll leave of my own accord.

But I'm certainly not going to let anyone push me around.

Fuck these trifling ho's.

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