01.21.08 :: 3:14 pm

It's full on baby mode over at the Sunday House.

We're in the process of budgeting and figuring out exactly what we'll need in terms of cribs and changing tables and dressers and all that crap.

Before we moved into our loft, ryan used this nifty computer program that created a 3D rendering of our apartment based on specific measurements that he input.
We were able to lay out all our furniture on the screen before even moving in (which made the moving in process a whole fuck of a lot easier).

I'm thinking we'll use the same program to re-configure our current set up in order to accommodate Tater Stuff™.
As it stands, we essentially live in a giant box. We've tried to create the illusion of separate spaces with the strategic placement of bookshelves and all that, but it is what it is at the end of the day.

therefore, i want to make the tater's little corner as cozy and nice as possible.
because even though we plan on moving back to new york around the time the tater is 6 months old, plans always change.
and i wouldn't want him/her to ever remember the time that mommy and daddy made him/her sleep in the living room for the first year of his/her life.

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