01.23.08 :: 1:25 pm

all day i've been feeling movement inside me. well, not so much actual kicks but what i can only describe as bubbles popping and light tapping on my ute.

it's probably gas, but i like to think the tater really, really digs what i'm eating.

day 2 of constant, pouring rain in LA.
Secretly, I like it. It's very comforting to be reminded of New York every now and then.

The Bigwig kitchen is currently loaded with free food from a company that caters private jets only. Upscale airplane food, basically. I would try some but I'm about to rupture several intestines with all the lasagna I just ate.

finally, without getting into it, today i was also finally able to let go of some very old anger.

and i'm so glad.

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