09.02.03 :: 9:55 am

Laurie's wedding was the episode that Sex and the City has been trying to make all year.

I show up, dateless, looking all feisty vampy hot and sort of adopt a date there. Nick, her faaaaaabulous gay friend. He was decked out in traditional Indian dress and he looked positively magnificent. A total standout in a sea of penguins.

And we drank like animals. And Ruby's duties as bridesmaid are over.

And it was good to see one particularly obnoxious bridesmaid look at little portly.

All in all, a good time. Laurie looked stunning in a De La Renta gown that probably cost about as much as a year at NYU. And she was grinning ear to ear the entire night.

Good times.

I woke up with a hangover that didn't quit until about 7:00 PM the next day, but I did manage to score a gorgeous centerpiece crammed with roses. The whole thing must weigh about 20 pounds.

Good thing Ruby's date was around to carry it most of the way.

God bless.

It looks awesome in my apartment.

In other party news, I'm planning a big birthday bash for myself in 3 weeks. And the guy who used to live in my apartment is doing a video invite for it.

It's going to be really fun. I can't wait.

Unfortunately, Mark will not be here to celebrate with me. I love how blase and nonchalant he is. But it is also driving me bonkers, too.

Anyway. I can't wait to paint the apartment this weekend. It's going to look so good.

Coffee. Now.

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