08.31.03 :: 11:17 am

I can't believe I'm going to show up to Laurie's wedding today with a hangover.

No, wait. I can.

In any event, my computer is as good as dead. The Tekserve crew informed me that due to a "corrupt system map," I may have lost everything in my hard drive and to replace and fix the whole thing might run me roughly $350.

Can we exalt int this for a minute?


Anyhow. I danced up a storm last night on a rooftop party and actually needed a sweater.

You guys. Summer is over.

But, in re-occuring summer hottie news, Mark called me the second his boat docked and we met up for drinks later that evening and a bit of the summer loving and whatnot at the end of the night.

Man. I like him. He's like, Handyman Hottie. He's leaving me again to go to Michigan for 2 weeks to build a house for a friend of his.

I want him to stay here and fix things for me. And watch him work. Shirtless.

He looked positively Middle Eastern swarthy chic. All blackenly tanned to the point of being chocolatey, and scrufftastic.

I didn't realize I missed him until I saw him, and when he walked up to me in front of the bar, he just grabbed me and kissed me like a returning vet from a war. It was precious. And public.

Anyhow. I have a hair and makeup appointment today.

And The Gods of Good Fortune and What the Hell? smiled down upon me yesterday because when I went to the ATM to pull out $40 for a mani-pedi (manicure and pedicure, you ignorant sluts! oh, kidding, kidding) there was already $40 laying in the ATM dispensing tray! Yes! Score! Free mani-pedi and a pack of smokes for the Sundaygirl.

I am pleased. Super pleased.

Next weekend, my roommate Alison and I are going to paint the apartment and be all TLC-Trading Spaces renovators. My room is going to be pale blue with one wall of dark blue various stripes. It's going to rock my socks.

OK. Off to the showers and onto the streets.

This lengthy update has been brought to you by Alison's computer.


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