01.18.04 :: 6:05 pm

I have to write this superfast because the internet at our apartment is intermittent and fucked and has been this way for the whole month and today when they sent a technician he didn't even ring the bell and just drove away, what an ass ass ass and my roommate was home the entire time.


Anyway, last night Ruby and I attended the birthday festivities of her roommate and Trixi T's hubby-to-be and it was fun to see familiar faces, like Drummer Boy who was looking foxy but drunk beyond repair (and hence affectionate for no good reason), and Ted - He of the Worst Lay of My Life episode - and other folks who make me smile and laugh.

But the bar itself was hideous. Hideous and Wrong.

It was sort of a "Coyote Ugly"-lite with about four bras hanging from the walls and a bartender who would get up and dance on the bar itself but was onbiously, like, not required to do so, just did it of her own bizarre volition. And it was pretty embarrassing and gave everyone wagonhalt all around.

Then there was the clientele, which, shall we say was subpar and that's putting it nicely. We still cannot figure out why the incredibly portly, homely chick was wandering around with her whole shirt unbottoned, revealing her pasty belly and an ill-fitting black bra.

Anyhow, after inhaling disco fries at 4 AM on Ruby's stoop in the snow, I woke up around noon and Ruby and I watched VH-1 classics, where she sang along to John Parr's "Naughty Naughty" and exclaimed, "This is why I can't learn new things."

Tonight, we're going to Bar 13 to dance up a storm and suck on her Nicotrol inhaler some more.

I'm all woot woot about this weekend.

Too much fun.

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