06.29.05 :: 10:18 am

ok, belatedly, i'll list my six current favorite songs.

1. feist - "mushaboom"
2. bloc party - "this modern love"
3. xiu xiu - "clowne towne"
4. the cars - "take me now"
5. the clientele - "jamaican rum rhumba"
6. the go! team - "ladyflash"

there's that.

as far as yesterday's antics are concerned, it should come as a surprise to no one that puffy didn't like any of the hotties presented to him, and is only interested in "supermodels" and we're all just rolling our eyes and wanting to cut his throat.

Like any "supermodel" is gonna want to lie around naked with Puff Daddy all day. Give me a break. And even if she did, we don't have that kind of budget.

And even if we did have that kind of budget, he should be more than satisfied with the drop-dead STUNNING women we provided him.

Fuck it. If he doesn't want to get nekkid with those babes, *I* will. That's how hot they were.


another day, another dollar.

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