06.28.05 :: 6:36 pm

the last hour of my life was spent performing an impromptu herding of models into vehicles and up to Harlem to engage in a photo shoot audition with Puffy.

they were all so startlingly gorgeous and frail and clueless as to why they were being called frantically by their agencies ten minutes before meeting me on the corner of prince and wooster.

and they all had such impossibly hip names like estella and noemie and marisela and visantha...

so off we go to harlem, to have them disrobe and get frisky with p. dids, and upon my delivery of "the goods" to my creative director ("Here are the whores you ordered!") i watched them disrobe, and almost felt bad for digging into the catering voraciously.

but, hey. it's not my job to stay thin and pretty until retirement, is it?

i could tell they wanted to partake in the cold cut banquet of delight, though.

Smarm City behind me, I look forward to one of life's simpler pleasures: the playstation.

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