06.30.05 :: 1:11 pm

one day, i will not be in crisis mode at the end of every month.

one day, my fantasies and my salary will match.

for the time being, i float bills and rock knock-off designer sunglasses.

this weekend: the first beach excursion of the summer. Hello hello it's been a long time and I've missed your dirty shore.

independence week and i'm into it.
summer fridays also rocking my socks. get out at one and don't come in till tuesday.

yesterday was my saint's day and i got a gorgeous chunk of flowers in a pretty crystal cylinder from my mom. the office smells like the botanic garden.

and i got a call from my aunt telling me everyone's waiting for our arrival in the motherland with baited breath.

every year it gets harder to board the return flight. dontcha know, dontcha know...

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