05.06.02 :: 3:10 pm

Things I'm learning at work, Part I:

1. Systems errors are, no matter what, under no exception, always my fault.

2. I must be able to identify why, even though I have created and released product codes, the system does not recognize them and they keep appearing as unreleased or inactive.
2b. I must agree that it is probably due to something I have done wrong.

3. I must be able to answer for technical glitches in a 12-year-old program that everyone else complains about.

4. Mistakes are not allowed.

5. Even if I prove with printed documentation that I have done everything correctly and something is still wrong, I must take responsibility.

Stay tuned for part 2, in which I have to repeat procedures to the Gestapo (which my boss will now be referred as from now until further notice) in oral-exam style so she can make sure I know what I'm doing. Which I do. But whatever.

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