05.07.02 :: 9:50 am

Good morning.
How about you fucking bite me?

On the up side, everyone hates the Gestapo, it's not just me. That is very comforting.

I leave things in her inbox, she takes them, does God knows what with them, and a week later yells at me for not giving her those very things.

Hello, your office is a declared national disaster area. You could apply for government funds, woman, to have it cleaned up.

I am at a loss.

Speaking of government funds, Check #1 came in the mail yesterday and it's good good good and I still have one more check coming and that is doubly wondrous. And triply fantasmagorical is the check coming from Stoosh-dog's insurance.

Mama needs to pay her bills and buy something nice for the boy. He is too good to me.

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