04.18.08 :: 10:17 am

Had the glucose test this morning. Smelled like Sunkist. Tasted like flat Sunkist. Over ice, it wasn't bad.
But the side effects? I pretty much vibrated all the way to the doctor's office.
I'm fairly certain that bottle contained 1000% of the daily allowance of sugar.

And now, I feel like sleeping for a year or two.

Oliver looked good, though. Robust. Big bellied. He was holding onto the umbilical cord and we watched it pulse.
Boy Howdy that is something the fuck else, isn't it?

Utter craziness.

And in news of "The Universe is Unfolding Exactly as it Should": my mother was offered a very generous severance package on the heels of her boss quitting and she will be free from work starting July 1.
She is officially retiring.

And coming to LA to help us with a newborn for about a month. She's volunteered her cooking and cleaning and I couldn't be more grateful because I am sure Ryan and I will be in full-speed panic mode.

Good times.
Back to work, where I'm so ambivalent to the point of being comatose.
I'm just letting these bitches flail about since they're so intent on doing things their way.

Hey, it's Friday!
We've got movies to watch! And yummy food to cook and eat!


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