04.16.08 :: 10:42 am

New Orleans was AMAZING.

Actually, I don't even thing there are words that accurately sum up the entire experience.

The food, the people, the sights, the wedding. It was all top notch.
You can't get much better than a Dixieland brass band learning Hava Nagila and declaring "Tonight, we're all Jews!"

You know what it is? It's fucking SOUL.

Soul. New Orleans has so much soul and depth and pride and charm and dignity and beauty.
I've never seen anything like it, anywhere.
And yeah, of course, it made the reality of living in the shallowest city on earth even more disheartening and wrong.

Everywhere we went (and we went everywhere, logging about 10 miles a day on foot!) the people were wonderful. The food was ridiculously delicious.

We were happy every single day.

Not one day passed where we muttered "Jackass" under our breath or shook our head in exasperation.

What a welcome change!

Ryan and I were even kicking around the fantasy of buying a victorian mansion and living there. Because it's totally doable.

That says a lot about a place, I think.

If you can picture yourself growing old on a porch swing in the sultriness...

It was awesome. We want to go back again and again and again.

And Oliver made his presence really known this week. I saw what I think was his foot, pressing against my belly frequently.
He loved New Orleans, too.

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