04.20.08 :: 6:02 pm

what a productive day.
we got to Amoeba as it opened, sold a shitload of CD's, got store credit, bought a shitload of CD's and then went to lunch at New Orleans Cafe which lulled us temporarily into thinking we were back there. Happy, happy, happy.

I was then a woman on a mission. Part of it is the nesting instinct (you can pretty much eat off of any surface in our kitchen right now), but I threw out like a thousand of my old tank tops to ready my dresser for the influx of brand spanking new, they-actually-go-down-past-your-hips, comfy J Crew tanks.

People, I can't sing their praises enough. My (ever so large) front and back and covered equally and plentifully. FINALLY.

Now we're cooking and listening to good music and the windows are open and it's a really gorgeous afternoon and Oliver is poking his butt out at me which makes me delerious with delight.

You know what's a really fantastic song that I totally forgot about?
Union City Blue by Blondie.

That is all.

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