10.18.05 :: 10:00 am

i just want it to all come together because i really love this space and the freaking fracking flower shop ceremony spot and well, we're seeing it again today, Ryan and I, and I hope he likes it and we can just sign, sealed, delivered, it's ours.

in more "wedding as a hurricane upon your life" news, I priced out exactly how much it would cost to do 50 save-the-dates, 50 invitations, 50 RSVP cards, and 50 reception/hotel/new york stuff info cards

and in total, including paper/art supplies (and also including a new super-duper printer) : about $370.00

Hi, that's, like... A THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS than having them printed proefessionally...

wait, i totally resent that I said that. my designs look as profesisonal as anythingo ut there.
i'm psyched.

i hope people ask where we got our stuff made.

maybe i can start my own fucking invitation business from home. VANILLA YARN finally, perhaps??

i will seriously consider it.
because ryan's quitting his bread-and-butter job at the end of the year and doing freelancing work from home only, so we're gonna need the extra loot.

this is a whole other buffet of bewilderment i'm gorging on, but i'll save it for another entry.

right now? coffee, and lots of cheese-based breakfast products.
because my intestines weren't backed up enough.

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