01.12.05 :: 10:21 pm

Industry parties are so freaking boring, not even the presence of Puff Daddy could make it exciting.
Oh, and the gift bag was totally lame, since it was all men's products.
The one good thing was that Jay from Project Runway was there, all diva'd out in a fur stole. Oh, and Lady Bunny. I know. Whatthefuck.

The only other interesting piece of information I have yet to process is the fact that the joint was a total MEAT MARKET.
And I'm not drunk.

I've never seen so many good-looking STRAIGHT men under one roof (and all working in the FASHION industry) ever in my life.

I wish I could have scored a seat for the Ruby. I wish there was a way to have known this bizarro fact beforehand.

One of these handsome gentlemen, Ben, was seated next to me at dinner and he does the licensing for Sean John, Co., whatever whatever blah blah, but anyway I didn't see a wedding band and I'm about 85% certain he was straight.
So, we struck up a convo and he seems to me the type of person who's all business and proper on the outside but underneath, he's totally rock and roll.

Therefore, at the Creative Strategy Plan meeting next month, I'll see if I can play Cupid. To make life more interesting. Just FYI, girl.

God. I gotta go to bed. I'm off to Bloomies tomorrow morning to scope out where the fuck we're gonna put Puffy's fragrance.

No rest for the wicked.

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