01.13.05 :: 6:31 pm

I smell like a perfume factory exploded on me.
Seriously, gross.
I never want to smell another scent as long as I live. I'm lighting matches in my room and hoping my nose returns to normal soon.

That said, I discovered two fragrances I really like. One is Marc Jacobs for women (delish!) and the other is Burberry Brit for Men (and I usually LOATHE men's fragrances, and DESPISE all things Burberry, so there).

After the excursion to scope out the competition, I had a training session to learn an important program that I'll be using to track the timeliness of the launch.

And I'm boring myself just talking about it.

OK. It's off to Ryan's for some much-needed "there, there"-ness and Anchorman.

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