01.12.05 :: 12:11 pm

I'll tell you whate else.

What else is that it's been a battle to find reasonably priced lunch in SoHo.
The only thing I'm beginning to miss about Estee Lauder is the free lunch I scored on a daily basis.

I mean, $8.75 for a sandwich is obscene and embarrassing. I refuse.

I also refuse to bring lunch from home, because let's face some facts here: I'm not the type of person to religiously make lunch for myself the night before and assume I'll be in the mood to eat it the next day.
Also, I never have food in my house anyway.
(Forgive me, FreshDirect. It's been two months since my last order.)

I think I've got a can of beets somewhere ...

New York slays me sometimes.

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