08.06.04 :: 9:44 am

Three things that are lifting my spirits to stratospheric heights this morning:

1. Miss Rubyroo will not be moving too far from her current housing location and this pleases me to no end because I've already settled into the routine of going to tha East Siiiiide to hang out with her and I like that our routines will not be totally thrown out of whack with her impending move. Bless the powers that be.

2. On another Ruby related note, I worked until real late last night laying out her band website and I gotta say, I am proud to the max with the work I've done thus far. I surprise myself sometimes. I'm the master of form and function. I'm the queen of simplicity and style. I am SO in the wrong line of work.

3. Hello. HI. GOOD MORNING. I WILL BE BASKING IN THE HOT MEDITERRANEAN SUNSHINE IN APPROXIMATELY THREE DAYS AND FOUR HOURS. I will be covered in coconut lotion and eating figs and wiggling my tootsies in the sand. Lord I deserve it. It's been three years comin'.

I'm so not at work today. I mean, I am, but oh my god. I'm so not.

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