08.08.04 :: 10:11 am

the one thing I hate about summertime is the way my feet completely deteriorate to shit.

Currently, they're dry, callused and cracking. It's painful and unsightly. And yet what am I supposed to do? Slather on Vaseline and pt on some socks? It's fucking 800 degrees!

Anyway, so here I am on a Sunday morning, soaking the tootsies in Johnson's Foot Soak and I'm about to get all fucking angry with a pumice stone.

God. I hate feet.

Moo helped me put up Ruby's band's website last night. I couldn't have done it without him. Well, I mean, I could have but it would've taken me twice as long.

It was actually really enjoyable, collaborating like that. I made images, he wrote code... I suggested placement on the page, he made it happen. We should go into business. Websites: In About an Hour.

Tonight is my last night in the good ol' US of A. I will not miss this country at all, suffice it to say. This country and I... we need a break.

Also needless to say, is that I haven't packed yet. And I'm supposed to be doing laundry, but it's so fucking NICE out...

Moo and Stooshdog and I, we're going to the park. He knows of some carousel that I haven't seen in the year that I've lived here. I think it's a perfect day for a carousel and picture taking.

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