08.04.04 :: 9:13 am

I love how annoyed Moo gets with me when he tries to better my computer and I'm just like "whatever, if it runs, I'm happy."

He installed Photoshop 7 last night and was mortified that my fonts were copied into three different folders and that I was running a program to manage them but it wasn't doing it properly and I'm all like, "Font?"

Look, fella, I've explained it to you. I am a monkey. A monkey who's been given this machine. I'm not entirely sure what it does, but up until now, whatever plonking away on it that it's endured at my hands has been just fine.

I don't need to understand its circuitry or its subdirectories.

It makes pretty colors and it brings me the porn. Anything beyond that, and I'm going "zzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Still. It's so cute to see him try to talk sense into me.

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