05.29.08 :: 5:49 pm

It was a good thing I had an OB appointment today because the Cervical Ice Pick Sensation had been ramping up the past couple of days to the point where I thought I was dilating and about to give birth way early and yeah, it was a fabulous funky freakout.

Fortunately, my shit's closed up tighter than fort knox and Oliver isn't going anywhere.

I also scheduled his birth date. It's a c-section for me, calloo callay, hip hip hooray!
No, not because I want to keep my ladybits intact.
My Constant Companion, HPV is the reason.
And I'm not just one of those girls who'll roll the dice and take a chance when it's another person's well-being at stake. Especially if that other person is a helpless, tiny little bebby who'd totally dependent on me doing the right thing.

And therefore he will be Mr. 7-11.

I hear you could get a free slurpee at 7-11's if your birthday is July 11. That would be a cool treat for the Tater.

Of course, the prospect of surgery while I'm awake is scaring me but I've been through worse horrorshows and in the end, I get a baby out of the ordeal!

Oh, my little man.
We've almost come to the end of this I've loved every waking second of your jostling and your hiccups.

get ready for nuzzletimes.

t-minus 6 weeks.

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