05.26.08 :: 6:16 pm

that was the mellowest memorial day weekend i've ever experienced.

i lazed about poolside, finished a book, watched movies, and we even managed to get through half of a 1,000 piece puzzle. Whose incompletion will haunt me forever, I'm sure.

"I like sammiches," also became my motto as I cleared about half the contents of my in-laws' fridge to make myself about 15 of them. In 3 days.
So I guess baby likes sammiches too.

All weekends should be 3-day weekends.
2 days is not nearly enough to decompress fully from a suicide-making work week.

The team melancholy seems to have lifted a bit as well.
Funny what a little sunshine can do.

My maternity bathing suit served me well, too. And it's a 2-for-1: I can use both the top and bottoms as sails should the need present itself.

Ahhh, pregnancy humor.
Mark my words, I will go back to running 3 miles every other day the second my doctor clears me for exercise.
I'm on a clothing budget and I gotta get my double-wide ass back into my pre-pregnany jeans.

But for now, I'm totally going to molest my face with the mushroom risotto Ryan is currently making.
I've got 7 weeks of total food abandon left! I'm gonna use them wisely!

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