1999-12-20 :: 13:23:59

I'm going to Greece on Wednesday, so I won't be writing until I get back on January 3.

I'll do as much venting as I can now.

Well, the torturous saga between Rock Star Ex and I continues, only now he is beginning to acknowledge that we will probably be together forever.

This is not news to me, but I am tired of waiting.

Last Thursday was my company's holiday party. I brought Rock Star Ex because Green Eyed Boy had finals (and because he's turning out to be a bad, bad boy - more on that later)and we got drunk and then got into a huge fight at my house. We have never fought like that ever. I actually screamed until I lost my voice.

Needless to say, we made up. And make up sex is always the best.

And we had a nice Saturday night, dancing around my living room and singing along to our favorite songs and taking i-zone pictures with the sticky film and sticking them all over my apartment. It was a moment.

In other news, I am so over Green Eyed Boy. He's flagging and I don't have time for it, frankly. And in all honesty, no one's paying me to babysit so I'm done with that.

End of verse, next chapter.

4:30. This working day is almost done. And I am one away from sitting my tired ass on a Boeing and hurtling towards Athens, Greece at 600 mph to meet my friends and cousins. I am going to make holiday drinking an Olympic sport. I am going to muffle my sorrows with the sight of beautiful Greek manchildren and dancing and I am so glad I will not be in New York for New Year's thank God thank God thank God!! May the tourists all kill themselves that night, I don't care.

It's all about the Greek islands this holiday season.

I cannot wait at all.

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