1999-12-14 :: 13:14:44

Here is my final, updated Christmas List '99 Version 3.0:

- a CD changer (preferably 25 CD capacity)

- a new compact stereo system

- a Lomo (one of those cool cameras from Russia that takes awesome pictures and you don't even have to be a photography whiz to use it)

I realize that this goes against my whole "wanting the fewest things" mantra, but fuck it. I am a media whore. I love visual and aural stimuli. I am admitting this and now have the need and desire to feed this pleasure.


Got a raise at work. Again, now I can feed my need for media.

I refuse to get a haircut. My hair has grown a foot in about six months, but I think of myself as a female Samson: my hair is my strength. I'm sort of superstitious about it now...I don't want to cut it all off for fear that something bad may happen to me. So it grows and grows and covers me completely and it is a soft and shiny blanket and I think I like it this way.

Rock Star Ex and I exchanged gifts last night. It will not be a wonder or a surprise to anyone out there who reads this that we got each other the same thing. I won't even go into detail because it's all that needs to be said. Whether or not this is fate or simply the fatc that we knoweach other so well and have the same tastes, I can't say. It is what it is. We got each other the same gift.

Eight more days until I am bound for Athens, Greece. I hope the flight is OK and safe and everything and we don't nosedive into the Atlantic or slam into the ground. I hope that 2000 is as boring of a year as 1999 was and that nothing happens to my bank account and if it does, it's easily fixable.

I hope my doggie does OK in the kennel for two weeks.

I hope there are many beautiful men in Greece to look at and who look back. In a smoky bar with good music, I hope I meet one of them.

I hope Rock Star starts getting his life together and that I am a part of it in the long run; that the two of us have the same one future.


4:17 and sleepy.

My count stops at 10, I promised myself. No more dumb flings with pointless manchildren. This is another thing. The next person I have sex with will be the man I am wearing a wedding dress for.

I promised. I am sticking to it. An early New Year's Resolution.

These are the facts at this point in time.

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