2000-01-05 :: 14:18:34

Happy New Year, kids.

Here's the abridged version of my Christmas Vacation:

Flew to Greece, thought I was going to lose my very life on the flight over due to dangerous turbulence and wind shear, partied it up with the cousins and friends, watched New Year's at the Acropolis and Parthenon all lit up with fire and lights, partied some more, bought some jewelry, breathed in Greek air, looked at the pretty Greek guys, caught the flu, coughed a lung up, partied it up some more, drove real fast, got real high, danced till daylight, got on a plane and came back home.

Rock Star Ex is no longer an ex...in other news...

Yeah he came back. I didn't make it easy, but I welcomed him. He was not into seeing other people after all. Yeah, well, I could have told him how bad other girls suck, but he needed to figure it out for himself.

Make-up sex rocked. Of course. Per usual.

Tonight we're renting DVD porn, because it's got multiple angles, and that's rad.

Everything is looking pretty rosy and good in 2000 thus far. I am a lucky little lady.

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