1999-11-30 :: 07:30:50

I find I want less and less every Christmas. This is good. Zen Buddhists say that those who want the fewest things are closest to the gods, so I'm feeling pretty godlike right now.

Not really.

Here's my list. Feel free to e-mail me and send me this stuff if you want, if anyone out there deems me worthy, if you read my diary, if you care to, if you really really want...

- One (1) bottle of red wine... merlot

- One (1) tin of macadamia nuts

- A black sweater for my dog (she's 25 pounds, medium-sized)

- A check for roughly $150 so I can buy some Mystery Science Theater 3000 tapes off of the guy in Canada who runs a tape trading biz.

That's it.

I want the fewest things. And one of those things isn't even for me.

Christ in a chevrolet, it's only 10:26 AM. This day is dead, it's dragging itself soooo slowly...

I get my wonderwoman black high boots back from the shoe repair guy tomorrow. All I can say about them is they make my legs look a mile long and even though this is not important in life, it makes me feel like a hotmama.

And, as every girlie out there knows, it's important to feel like a hotmama every now and then.

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