1999-11-30 :: 06:39:24

The pumpkin pie spanked me this holiday weekend. My ass is paying.

Rock Star Ex is annoyed with his little French fling because he doesn't "like the way she tells jokes. She's just not funny. And she's kinda boring. " This is terrible. I suggested that he break up with her immediately, seeing as such behavior is unacceptable. He agreed. My plan to win him back is under way and raging full on. And he has no idea how easily he's falling back into me.

Green Eyed Angel Boy - whatever. I am a little tired, frankly, of the emotional babysitting I'm doing for all these manchildren. Especially GEAB. I am making it very easy for him; I require very little else except his general sexual presence in my life. He's made it clear he really likes this set-up. I guess there really isn't a problem, just the mere fact that I think I'm getting too old for such meaningless, ridiculous flings.

Who knows.

Maybe it's the caffeine propelling me to spew such madness.

Rock Star Ex said to me over the phone last night that I have all these guys who want me at any given time. And I said that just because two of my exes found it necessary to contact me out of the blue doesn't mean anything. He begs to differ. Putting out ads in the Village Voice and New York Press and Time Out proclaiming that I rock are indeed signs that they're not over me.

I could not care any less.

He doesn't seem to understand that I don't need all that crap to make me happy or to convince me of anybody's love. All Rock Star ever has to do is just knock on my fucking door and admit that we are one.

Of course I would never say that to him.

Not while he's so busy worrying after me and what my exes are doing to get me back.

God love the manchildren.

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