2001-03-16 :: 1:00 am

I need to be hit over the head with something very heavy. Just got off the phone with Drummer Boy. [Oh I totally just typed his real name. That was funny.] Anyway, things are cool. As usual. As usual he said all the right things, everything I wanted to hear at exactly the right moments etcetera, etcetera, et-fucking-cetera and I officially can go to bed in peace now and not thrash about with fever dreams.

Yay for tomorrow.

Yay for sleeping over in his bed and waking up to him. Yay for sentences like "I've got kisses waiting for you," and how cheesey am I?!?! but WHO CARES and I feel good, fucking hell yeah, better than I've felt all year.

That is saying a lot.

Somewhere, someone's good luck was passed on to me.

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